Oysterband - The Garage - March 2015 -  5 - _0124lHow to contact the team at Bluesdoodles reaching an international audience


Twitter         @bluesdoodles

Why You Should make Contact

If you want an album reviewed we love to listen to your music; if you want a live event Red Butler - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0026lreview in the U.K.

If you want Liz Aiken Photography too take your photograph, for Album covers, PR at a live event we are happy to give you a quote


How to Find Us

Mick Simpson & Malaya Blue - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0054lFacebook




1 thought on “CONTACT”

  1. Brad Absher said:

    Hey guys, thanks for the great review of “Lucky dog” from my band Swamp Royale. I’ll be in London June 4 & 5 doing publicity for the record. If I can be of assistance pls contact me @

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