Not long before he starts his tour with album launch on Monday 27th April at The Borderline. TOUR DATES see


danpatlansky cdDan Patlansky
Dear Silence Thieves

This is an album that has stylish design and a clever theme of sound reflecting the album’s title Dear Silence Thieves – encapsulating what so many of us feel when audiences chatter rather than listen; and is dedicated to two Silence Thieves who left a venue embarrassed when an artist stopped his music and said “You two need to shut the F#@K up or get out!” This is an album you will want to listen to and remember to challenge next time someone steals your silent space as it opens as it means to continue delivering quality music with a rock whacked with solid blues licks and riffs the sound just endears itself so that you find yourself putting the album on repeat, that way you get to hear all the nuances that Dan Patlansky incorporates into the guitar playing and delivering his self-penned lyrics.

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