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K+S TWFT COVER 168 KBKathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
Tomorrow Will Follow Today

If I had to describe the album in a single sentence it would be – Pure clarity of vocal and guitar tone plaited with mellow tones and powerful lyrics or simply spot on quality.

Opening with Child Owlet a ballad from the Child Ballad collection that is a perfect introduction to the clear bell-like vocals and the amazing skills of the guitar of the duo Kathryn & Sean; as we have percussive guitar the harsh strings reflect this dark tale of incest, betrayal and murder.

Down Dog is a traditional inspired folk song that has that quirky twist that gives this album a feeling of modernity while rooted in the traditions of British Folk music as a tale unfolds. 52 Hertz is the most moving track on the album for me; written by Kathryn and is the perfect story for her voice as she tells a modern true tale about ‘the loneliest Whale in the world’. Google 52 hertz and you can read about this poor Whale that sings off-key and is a folk song that will live on and be talked about for centuries to come as the story is retold and re-arranged by future tellers of folk tales rooted in truth and let’s hope that the Whale is not a mythic creature to future generations.

Another fantastic song written by Kathryn and inspired by her daughter is A Song To Live By; with some advice for her twin daughters that are so relevant for everyone a truly uplifting tale on the power of your smile. Nothing whimsical in this song it is the hard reality that we can win through often with a smile.

The title track, Tomorrow Will Follow Today , is a protest song that is in the folk tradition but has a definite blues riff and the beat of talking blues this is partly due to the duo following the tolling drumbeat giving the track a different feel.

The title may have a Russian feel Ruslka, inspired by the tale of a mermaid living in a Russian river; the music that accompanies Kathryn’s dream like quality to her vocals is medieval with the guitar having an almost lute like quality the perfect foil to the vocal range of the song.

Amongst the modern gems from Kathryn we have a re-working of “The Maid’s Conjuring Book” (from Thomas D’Urfey’s ‘ Songs of Wit and Mirth.’) With a ditty The Banishing Book the merriment of the melody does nothing to disguise the sexual innuendo. The Robber Bridegroom is an ominous folk tale, about a wicked fiancé planning to steal her dowry but she escapes and runs back home, the tale is such that you want to listen to every word more captivation than many a TV drama!

Tomorrow Follows Today, is as close to seeing this duo live for me it conjures up that feeling of them playing for you as they do in venues across the land, I so enjoyed listening to the music and anecdotes when they recently played St David’s Hall on their current tour – read the bluesdoodles review
What an album of modern folk that is for enjoying with its combination of tales of light and dark – hope and dread above all it is a perfectly produced gem of music that is perfect for 21st century and yes Tomorrow Will Follow Today.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch