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Midday Sunday 25th January perfect afternoon chillin’


images (4)Richard Townend/Mighty Bosscats
7 Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins, The Mighty Bosscats latest album is definitely not a sin to listen to unless pleasure is one and according to the list we are safe to sit back listen and enjoy. There are seven tracks, one for each of the seven deadly sins; gluttony, lust, wrath, pride, sloth, greed and envy and the incorporation of the bible is common in the blues but combined with Dante and giving a modern twist is a huge undertaking. This is an album of meaningful lyrics and melodic phrasing that will not be boxed into a category, it is a sound of its own that uses the tonal quality of the instrumental to reflect the subject, getting seven different musical variations across so much celebration of self.

Richard Townend’s vocals, full of gruff tones and menacing delights make the album work when…

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