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Butterflies Front Cover


Clare Free
1st April 2014
Self Release @ http://www.clarefree.co.uk




Welcome to the new world created by Clare Free showcasing herself as Singer-songwriter on her new venture “Butterflies”. This is a very different but delightful side of Clare the musical tone and texture and lyrical emotions are very different from her last album Blood and Bones. We meet Clare without the band as she delivers a stripped back intimate session which like the recording fits comfortably like your favourite chair or jumper, warm like your tipple of choice.

The album is an emotional journey of nine self-penned numbers; with titles that relate to an array of emotions and people who are important to Clare. Just because the album is personal, the balance is right it never becomes self-indulgent, every track is relevant to the listener who is able to empathise. The title track is a gentle melody with a twang of country and sends us back to a simpler time of those special personal memories, that a song on the radio or album brings back to their full technicolour glory with its mix of happiness tinted with sadness, the regret of passing moments as beautiful and precious as a butterfly but impossible to hold still in one place. The title reflects many of our lives including, the need to say ‘Thank You’, the song to express feelings found in ‘For My Child’ and ‘He’s Your Brother’ and ‘My Dad’ often complex and changing but special relationships.

Clare recorded the album in her home, which means that there is a warmth of tone, a relaxed approach to the perfectly timed guitar playing and clear vocals and Clare had control which she admits had been lacking in her life. The album will bring new audiences and venues for Clare as this is an album of that mix of serenity and the flitting of butterflies across the garden on a sunny day. The strength of the album is its simplicity singer/songwriter and a guitar to express the music in her soul and it works, whilst raw energy and intensity may be missing; but Clare’s commitment to her work shines through and this is no saccharine sweet album, the melodies may be easy on the ear but the words are steeped in emotion and meaning of situations many of us have found ourselves in with life’s complexities.

The final track is the end of a long road ‘We Found Home’, it must be with great pride that Clare has created this sparkling gem. This is an album where Clare has been set free of doubts and shows herself as an accomplished songwriter and fuses in with the talent of the guitar we already knew, if you already have seen or heard Clare then before putting the album on the deck free your mind of preconceptions this is a new Clare that will cleanse your emotional confusions. Here comes the sunshine and the joy of a meadow full of flowers looks so simple but holding all the hidden depths of life with all the colours and hues, with Butterflies skimming along the surface bringing joy to all who listen to this carefully crafted and personal album from Clare Free.

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Track Listing
1. Thank You
2. Butterflies
3. Vagabond Sanctuary
4. For My Child
5. He’s Your Brother
6. My Dad
7. Sixty Years Young
8. Smile and Say Goodbye
9. We Found Home